Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions Were Last Updated on the 1st October 2017

General Terms and Conditions

  1. All copyright of photographic images remains with Dartmoor Photo.
    This means you may not reproduce the images without written permission. This includes taking photos of the images either on the proofing site or as prints. Scanning the images, etc.
  2. Violation of our copyright, forfeits your rights to any special pricing or images as part of an included package.
  3. The sizes of Frames/Prints in the price list are approximate only and may be over or under the quoted nominal size due to all products being individually hand-made.
  4. Dartmoor Photo cannot be held responsible for loss of images at the Dartmoor Photo studio or on location.
  5. The Dartmoor Photo product guarantee is only instated on registration of the unique sticker number on the back of the product within 28 days of collecting/delivery of your product.
  6. Your data may be used by Dartmoor Photo to advise you of products, services and special promotions and passed to its group, affiliated companies, agents, franchisees and sub-contractors for research and analysis purposes. We may contact you by post, telephone SMS text or email. If you would not like to be contacted as per section 5 of these terms, please inform a photographer immediately.

Pre-Paid Voucher Terms & Conditions

Pre-Paid Vouchers that have been obtained via a third party, in the way of any of the following methods are subject to the following conditions.

  • Prizes
  • Silent Auctions
  • Groupon Vouchers
  • Groupon Gifts
  1. The Pre-Paid voucher is for a Family Portrait Photography session.
  2. All pre-paid voucher sessions must be held in our Okehampton Studio.
  3. The pre-paid voucher must be used to attend your photo session within three months from date of purchase or it will no longer be valid, with the exception of a given expiry date on the Pre-Paid Voucher.
  4. The pre-paid voucher may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer, and may only be used as described.
  5. The pre-paid voucher may not be used to purchase photographs from a previous photoshoot.
  6. The pre-paid voucher is not transferable, once the code has been redeemed.
  7. The pre-paid voucher is valid only for a full family photoshoot, which all family members must attend.
  8. The studio photoshoot is valued at £75 and no cash alternative with given or offered.
  9. The complimentary images from your photoshoot are listed below unless in writing on the voucher itself.
    – 2 x 10″x8″ and 4 x 8″x6″ unframed prints of a single image.
  10. Only one Pre-paid voucher may be used per family.
  11. Dates and times available for your photoshoot are restricted to certain times and dates. You can view availability on our website.
  12. In the event of cancellation, please provide a minimum of three days notice or your pre-paid voucher will be cancelled and you’ll lose out.
  13. Dartmoor Photo photoshoots involve some physical activity, which is undertaken at your own risk.
  14. The pre-paid voucher is only redeemable via the Dartmoor Photo website at time of booking.
  15. Inclusive pre-paid voucher, prints, must be claimed within 30 days of the shoot via our website.

Booking Your Photoshoot

Booking your Pre-Paid Voucher Photoshoot must be completed online via our website.

Ordering Your Prints

Ordering your prints and products, must be done via the Dartmoor Photo Proofing website or in person with your photographer/sales executive.

Late Arrivals & Cancellations

  1. Late Arrivals
    At Dartmoor Photo we work to a tight photoshoot/appointment schedule. Whilst we like to take our time with your photo session or appointment, late arrivals cause delays for other customers. It is required that all parties arrive to the studio or location promptly. Failing to do so and not providing notice by telephone may result in your photoshoot being cancelled with no offer of refund or renumeration. This will be at the discretion of your photographer. This applies to arrivals later than 10 minutes.Appointments or Photoshoots in which participants arrive more than 30 mins late, will result in the entire photo session being cancelled.
  2. Cancellations
    Cancellations must be made at least three days prior to the photoshoot for Studio Photoshoots and 7 days for Event and Location Photoshoots.
    Failing to do so will mean you will lose your session fee without the possibility to reschedule or refund

Photo Use for Dartmoor Photo Promotional Material

  1. Dartmoor Photo reserve the right to use the photos in any form and for any purpose.
  2. Dartmoor Photo may choose to create a blog post and associated social media links your photos and we do so without the need to obtain your permission.
  3. No remuneration will be paid for any promotional media used or generated by Dartmoor Photo that may feature your images