How To Use A Print Credit

If you have purchased one of our special offers or are using a gift voucher, you may have been issued a print credit. The print credit is the easy way for you to choose which photos you want applied to which products.

Just So You Know… A Print Credit, is different from a Gift Voucher or Coupon Code! Those are applied when you checkout!

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to use and to assist you with this, we’ve put together an easy to follow guide.

Step 1.

From the main Maxam Photo website, click on the View Your Photos link at the top of page.

Step 2.

You’ll be taken to our dedicated Viewing Site.
Just click on Use Print Credit in the Top Right of the web page.

Step 3.

A small box will appear on your screen asking you to enter the print credit redemption code.
Enter it here and click on Redeem

Step 4.

If you’ve put the code in correctly, you’ll be displayed with a message asking you to choose from some available option or a confirmation option like in step 5.

Step 5.

Once your code is confirmed, you’ll be displayed a green confirmation message and on clicking Continue, you’ll be taken back to the Viewing Page.

Step 6.

Access your gallery using the Access Code and click on any image you want to add to your print credit. You’ll get an option to add it on the right hand side of the screen.

Simple as that!

See, that was not hard at all!
Any problems and give us a call on 01837 500120 – Monday – Saturday / 9am – 5pm